Nicholas Busciglio is an impressionist painter with 15 years as a professional artist based in the Amazon of Colombia, where he creates his painting as a prayer in connection with nature. 

"Everything is Connected and Be the Light is the mantra of my art and healing work. This Art is created with thick texture and colors of Nature, and is inspired by the Feeling of the Moment and Celebrates the Native Cultures and Musics of the World."

Original Painting - "Corazon del Colibri"

Created with love in the Alto-Putumayo Colombia known as the “Doorway to the Amazon.” In this region, amongst the Kamentsa Indigenous peoples the hummingbird represents a direct connection to God thought Love. More universally the hummingbird represents the power of will, joy and beauty. In the hummingbird’s heart is the center of the universe, representing the connection to the divine and our infinite potential while the flowers are symbols of an abundant universe.

GOLD EDITIONS/collections/limited-edition

The surface of each print is individually fully painted by Busciglio and finished with a signed  handprint on the back to create an one of a kind Embellished Artist’s Proof.


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    Art is medicine, is an attribute we shared with Creator, to manifest our world and reality.

    Nico Busciglio

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