Nico Peter Busciglio (born 21 March 1981) is a New Orleans based American Impressionist and entrepreneur. He received his BFA graduating with honors from Chapman University in 2005. In 2006, Busciglio moved to New Orleans on a humanitarian effort and never left. He worked as a healing-arts teacher in the Lower 9th ward and Treme from 2007-2016 before founding ‘Busciglio Art’ with his wife Erika Salazar in 2016. 

Inspired by the likes of Van Gogh and Monet, Busciglio creates world class contemporary impressionism that feels alive. His paintings are full of color and light, celebrating the culture and music of New Orleans and the world. Busciglio uses thick palette knife, brush and drip splatter paint to explore the themes of Man’s Universal Connection.

Today Busciglio’s award winning art is growing in value and prestige. Featured in local and national publications, his artwork has appeared in HBO Treme and The Late Night Show with Steve Colbert. Recently, Buscilgio has expanded his brand to include large scale accounts for private clients and corporate executives.  His paintings are highly sought after residing in homes and businesses around the world.

"…Busciglio is heavily influenced by the color and style of  New Orleans culture and history, focus on the subject matter of music and its connection in the moment. ’I like to capture the feeling of the moment...’ Busciglio says.”  New Orleans Living Magazine

" Whether he's working along the banks of the Mississippi in his Algiers Point studio or at the Frenchmen Street Art Market, Busciglio is creating and sharing one-of-a-kind, world class paintings that feel alive, vibrating with the energy." Grace Wilson, New Orleans writer.


Busciglio’s relationship with New Orleans has grown and blossomed over his 13 years living in the city. Initially called to the city on a humanitarian effort after Hurricane Katrina, Busciglio has made a home and a name for himself as professional artist. New Orleans has not only become a source of life for him and his family but the city has also become his muse and a place where dreams truly do come true.

Busciglio has seen this relationship come full circle. On his journey to New Orleans in 2006, Busciglio learned that his Great Grandparents were part of the wave of Sicilians who immigrated to New Orleans in the late 1800’s. His Great Grandparents lived, met and married in New Orleans before moving to California. Now over a hundred years later, Busciglio’s son is a native New Orleanian.

 Upon arriving to New Orleans, Nico was given the opportunity to paint a mural on the now vibrant but then recovering Frenchmen St at the historic Blue Nile music club. He painted it on the Katrina plywood shutters, as tribute to a beloved drummer who had just passed away Aaron “Kufaru” Muton.  

 The mural became beloved within the community and consequently Busciglio became a part of the fabric of the city at the onset of his arrival. The mural has graced the walls of the Blue Nile for 11 years and has appeared on HBO Treme and the Late Night Show with Steven Colbert.

 While working on the mural, Busciglio met Amelie Prescott, founder of Mos Chukma Institute(meaning Good child,) an Indigenous Art Therapy Program located in the lower 9th ward at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School and at Joseph A. Craig Chater School in the Treme.

Busciglio was invited into the classroom, where he worked for 9 years fulfilling his original intention to give back to the city of New Orleans. There, Busciglio learned the healing transformative power of art while addressing the traumas of Katrina and the inner cities. He became a master teacher and connected strongly with the community. Now a professional artist, he is a role model to the children he taught.

“I spent a lot of my time at King telling kids they could be whatever they wanted in this life and make their dreams come true,” Busciglio said. “At a certain point, I decided I needed to do that myself.”

In business since 2015, Busciglio has experienced a great deal of growth at the onset of his career with a vision to grow his business around the world. He owes his early success and focus to his family and his wife Erika and his young son Aynan. 

“My wife and I are not only partners in love, but business,” Busciglio said. “Connecting your life’s passion and purpose with business — there’s no telling how far you can take that.”