Thinking about commissioning Artist by Busciglio?  You have come to the right place. 

Ideally, we would like you to meet with Artist Nico Busciglio in person at his New Orleans studio / zoom online call in order to cover all of your ideas and questions.

Busciglio offers costumes commissions for residential and commercial spaces, with the promise to fill the space with beautiful color and powerful energy. 




Through a personal meeting with Nico, he will discuss your concept with you, including any ideas you may have regarding specific colorssubjects, and titles.

Also any of his past original painting can be reproduce exactly or with some touches and changes to make it unique and custom to you.



Prices & Sizes (Price are US Shipping and tax included) 

24 x 30 inches –  $4796

24 x 36 inches – $5793

24 x 48 inches – $6999

30 x 30 inches – $5799

30 x 40 inches – $5790

30 x 48 inches – $6989 

36 x 48 inches – $7789

48 x 48 inches – $8979

48 x 60 inches – $11,769

48 x 72 inches – $13,369

48 x 84 inches – $19,999

60 x 84 inches – $23,369

72 x 92 inches – $33,399



Once the commission concept has been finalized by the Patron(s) and Artist Busciglio, and the canvas size has been chosen, an initial down payment is made.

A second and final payment is made once the commissioned work has been approval by the Patron(s), we will then arrange handling and shipping.



Sacred Portraits are a concept Busciglio has worked from his personal connection with the original people, animals spirits and medicinal plants. 

Through a personal meeting with you, Busciglio will ask questions about your visions, prayers for this times and creates a portrait inspired those symbols.