10% of all the proceeds go to the New Orleans program Moschukma for Art education to black community and children @moschukma
With your help the Mos Chukma Institute - Healing Through Art Program in the Lower Ninth Ward and Treme School reopens online. Offering a unique opportunity to support the community during this difficult time with trauma recovery through art. Busciglio will donate a portion of the proceeds from this campaign to support this initiative and help New Orleans heal. 
Busciglio’s art has always been a way to take a piece of New Orleans magic home. Now is your opportunity to help the community while enjoying Buscglio’s latest series as a daily reminder that we are all united and here for one another during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.  
Thank you for your support. 
"Teach! It's a symbiotic relationship. Inspire and be inspired. As teachers there is a unique opportunity to learn and we grow with our students." Nicholas Busciglio
Busciglio's first career in life was as a teacher. He inspired young people to become responsible stewards of their lives, teaching them the transformative power of art.
Nicholas taught art in the public schools of New Orleans,  he was trained by and worked with Mos Chukma Institute and Friends of King School District for 9 years. 9 in the 9. He also shared four of those years in the Treme. 4 in the 7. 
Nicholas learned to apply "arts-as-healing" to his teaching and art style, studying and working with Mos Chukma Arts-as-Healing Institute.      Moschukmainstitute.org 
 Because of the recent pandemic, Nicholas and Amelie Prescott are reuniting to offer Arts-as-Healing classes online, through zoom classes and youtube channel. Please keep an eye out. We are in the process of launching now!
"This work is more important today than ever before!" 
Thank you for your Support! 
We have already started the support to Moschukma Art As Healing in the Lower 9th of New Orleans, with free art lessons for the Martin Luther King Charter School kids! Support here